1.4 km underground - Pyhäsalmi mine improves working safety with Identoi mine access- and rescue control system

Pyhäsalmi mine is Europe’s deepest mine. The current depth of production is 1050 - 1440 meters. 220 employees, of which 70 underground, work on the mine on a daily basis.  The owner of Pyhäsalmi Mine is Canadian First Quantum Minerals Ltd.

Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy invests in continuous development of working safety. Resulting from this, the mine adopted mine access- and rescue control systems, that Identoi Oy delivered in 2010.

Every worker has an RFID -button. The entrance and shelters of the mine have two RFID -readers in each one of them. Another is used for checking in and the other for checking out. This design prevents errors and produces reliable data in rescue situations where every moment can be crucial. After every evening shift the system checks if all the workers have left the mine. The explosions are made during the night, and the mine will be ventilated before morning shift's arrival.

The mine is well prepared for accidents. Rescue and evacuation of the mine are practiced on a regular basis. There is a shelter in every production level of the mine. Shelters are safe places for workers in case of fire or other accident. 

The rescue manager has to be able to look at a glimpse, which ones of the workers are in shelters and who are still outside of them. Rescue operations and radio communications can be directed to those workers, whose location is unknown.

"The rescue ERP saves crucial moments when the situation is on. Of course we hope that we wouldn't have to use the system in real life situations. However, it has proven its necessity in our evacuation rehearsals. Our workers have transferred into shelters in less than ten minutes at their best." says mine manager Kimmo Luukkonen from Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy.

We have visitors at our mine on a weekly basis. It is easy to check them in with our system, says Pyhäsalmi Mine Oy mine engineer Iiris Kuosmanen and continues: "Our workers are able to see other workers in the mine from monitors located next to the mine elevator shaft. This is also a feature that improves working safety".

Further information

Sakari Vaara, CEO, Identoi Oy, mobile phone 040 553 9347, e-mail: firstname.lastname@identoi.com


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