Efficiency, accuracy and reliability to Ruoka.citymarket.fi webstore with Identoi collecting solution

Selling groceries online is a fast growing business. Kesko logistics company Keslog Oy actively develops its logistics to serve the needs of developing ruoka.citymarket.fi webstore and its customers.


Ruoka.citymarket.fi is an online grocery store that delivers food to customers’ homes and companies in Helsinki area.  The products are picked up and delivered to the customers from a delivery depot, located in Hakkila, Vantaa.


Keslog is in charge of the operational functions of the grocery webstore depot in Hakkila. Identoi Oy has delivered Keslog Oy a software solution for grocery webstore collecting. “The number of orders in out webstore is growing rapidly. The systems need to function efficiently and reliably so the right products can be delivered to the customers at the right time. We needed a solution, that is easy to learn and fast to use”, Markus Pyyhtiä, the logistics supervisor of the webstore at Keslog Oy says, and continues: “The supervisors are able to see the real time status of collecting the order, and we know the collected items by product. The schedule of our project was very tight, but together with Identoi we have managed to implement the system before the busiest Christmas season.”


The collecting solution of the webstore contains the user interfaces for both the collector and the supervisor. The collectors receive the orders of the collecting tour to the UI, which the collector has on his tablet computer (Apple iPAD) of the cart or on the Android device of the cold warehouse collector. The collector has a small bar code reader (Symbol RS507) attached to his finger, and he reads the EAN-barcode of each collectable item along with the code of customer’s collection cart. The collector can replace the ordered product with another similar product. The collectors’ UI interacts on real time with the supervisor’s UI, which they use to monitor and plan the collecting service.


“Webstore is a fast growing business. Keslog is one of Finland’s largest logistics companies, and we are also strongly committed to developing the logistics of a webstore. Responsive, browser based solutions are gathering more users in professional purposes as well, Sakari Vaara, CEO of Identoi Oy states.


For more information:

Sakari Vaara, CEO , Identoi Oy, tel. +358 (0)40 553 9347, email: firstname.lastname@identoi.com


Keslog Oy is a Kesko owned, efficient and reliable producer of trade logistics services, and a forerunner in this business. The main task of Keslog Oy is to produce logistic services to Kesko Group companies. The services are also offered to companies outside the Group.



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